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The aim of this website is to collect information about the old town of Narva, which was lost during the Second World War, with the purpose of recreating it in miniature.

Once Narva was considered to be one of the most beautiful towns built in the baroque style in Northern Europe That is the kind of town we are planning to recreate in miniature not only as an exhibit, but also as a place for leisure activities and entertainment for both the residents of Narva and visitors to the town.

We are certain that many people of Narva are proud of the history of their hometown and keep old photographs as proof of the lost beauty of the old town. The old buildings and houses can be rebuilt with the help of the photographs and pictures, which we kindly request you to send us to this website. By doing it, you will be able to do your fair share of work of fulfilling the ambitious task of rebuilding the old Narva.

The photographs and pictues as well as the information about the objects can be sent directly from the ”Map” by clicking on the appropriate building and moving to the link ”Send information about this object”, or from the menu item ”Objects” in case you do not know the location of the object on the map.

This is what the old town of Narva looked like in 1940.

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